Smile Gallery

This is a small sample of the many cases done over the years by Paunovic & Paunovic. They represent simple to complex, ages teen to eighties, and both male and female.

All these patients have benefited from some the most beautiful restorations available in cosmetic dentistry.



Keep in mind. You are looking at photos which are extreme close-ups. No one naturally views teeth in such a manner. When we view teeth we get the full frame of the face—hair, eyes, lips, etc. This completes the picture. Thus, teeth have the ability to alter the appearance of our entire face. These close-ups serve to give a scrutinized view of some of the outstanding restorations aesthetic dentistry has to offer today. There is a wide range of materials Dr.'s Paunovic can use to custom create a young, healthy, beautiful smile for you. All the smile makeovers were done by Paunovic & Paunovic in only one to two visits. 

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The following two cases are complex, collapsed bite cases. The teeth here are significantly worn down- virtually to stubs. In addition to poor cosmetics, the patients could not chew properly and had TMJ issues. Dr.'s Paunovic and Paunovic were able to rehabilitate the bite to full function, eliminate the TMJ issues, and achieve desirable cosmetics.



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