Patient Comfort

“From Our Family to Yours."

At the office of Drs. Bo and Sue Paunovic, your comfort is always given the highest priority. The advances in dentistry have made it possible to receive dental care with virtually no discomfort!

The office of Drs. Bo and Sue use the latest technology to make your visit and care the most comfortable.

The first step in effectively controlling fear and anxiety is the development of a trusting and caring, personal relationship with the doctors and staff. This is the goal of the office of Drs. Bo and Sue. They will do all that is possible to achieve this.

View your favorite movie, listen to a CD, or enjoy our mountain views.

  • Anesthesia
    Sophisticated anesthetics using the Wand. The Wand helps make the discomfort of anesthesia injections disappear. This is a computerized anesthesia system with no syringe.
  • Digital Radiography
    90% Less Radiation! Dr.'s Paunovic are proud to introduce digital radiography for you and your family. Dental x-rays are displayed on a computer, significantly reducing radiation exposure. Images can be magnified 300x the normal size to enhance diagnosis. No film is needed, so there are no chemicals, making it more environmentally safe.
  • IntraOral Video
    For those who like to see everything and get in on their treatment, with this device they can easily do so. The office has intra-oral TV cameras which display your teeth magnified by 30 times to detact problems invisible to the naked eye. It is easy to see why a procedure needs to be done and how it is done. You can also get a printout of the beautiful results.
  • Education Videos
    The office has an award winning patient video system that helps the patient and family understand procedures and options available in today's advanced dentistry.

Drs. Bo and Sue Paunovic continuously strive to deliver the best dental care utilizing the most advanced techniques while maintaining the highest level of comfort.

It's all about the smile... before, during, and after treatment!

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Expertise in Family, Cosmetic, Implant and Sedation Dentistry 


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